Christopher Chelpka

Back to the Listserv?

I think @dancohen and @ayjay are right that we need a move Back to the Blog, but I hope no one starts gunning for a listserv resurrection. If you think you have a problem with email now…

That being said, any vision for web-decentralization needs to also consider the value of groups; being able to assemble and communicate in groups (on/off-line) is a necessary part social life.

  • Groups offer us a degree of privacy when we talk with one another. (Well, they should.)
  • Groups help us connect with people that aren’t our friends, which in turn, sometimes, opens a door to friendship.
  • Groups allow us to focus on a conversation, a relationship, or a group project.

In fact, it is mainly because of my Facebook groups that I haven’t deleted my FB account yet. Even without privacy, these are still valuable to me and make it hard to leave FB. So what are the best alternatives to Facebook groups for a web that doesn’t depend on Facebook? Not listserv, I hope. I’m trying MeWe.