Christopher Chelpka

Can Bullet Journal Replace an iPhone?

About about a month ago, I replaced my iPhone with a Bullet Journal. Does it work? Yeah, so far it’s going well.

Bullet Journal is an analog organization system that helps me collect all my notes in one place. In it I keep upcoming events, daily tasks, my reading log, monthly goals, and brainstorming sessions. I once used iPhone apps for these kinds of things (Calendar, Things, Goodreads, Notes). Now, my Bullet Journal does the work but in a fun and more personal way.

Bullet Journal doesn’t cover every area though. For example, though it can receive text messages, it only accepts the cute folded kind kids shared with one another in the 1990s. Also, it is simply incapable of making phone calls. So, I got a dumb phone. But that has its advantages.

If you’re looking for an organization system that works without a battery, then Bullet Journal is worth checking out. But if you want more than that, if you want an organization system that perfectly matches your love for fountain pens, doodling, and making lists, then you may have just found true love and a way to remember the day you met. Congratulations. I’m so happy for you guys.