Christopher Chelpka

Can finite creatures comprehend the infinite Creator?

No, but that doesn’t mean we’re left in the dark about God.

Though God cannot be perfectly described, yet there is something of him that we may know, and ought to make the matter of our study and diligent inquiries. When his glory is set forth in Scripture, we are not to look upon the expressions there made us of as words without any manner of Ideas affixed to them; for it is one thing to have adequate ideas of an infinitely perfect being, and another thing to have no Ideas at of him…. When we thus order our thoughts concerning the great God, though we are far from comprehending his infinite perfections, yet our conceptions are not to concluded erroneous, when directed by his word; which lead us to consider how we may conceive aright of the divine perfections.”

💬 Thomas Ridgley, Body of Divinity