Christopher Chelpka

Creaturely knowledge of God continued (Maximus the Confessor)

We know God from His creation, not His being (Century I:96): >We do not know God from His being but from the magnificence of His handiwork and His providence for creation. Through these as through mirrors we perceive His infinite goodness and wisdom and power.

How great theologians seek theology (Century II.27): >When you are about to enter theology, seek not out the very reasons of His nature (for that the human mind, or that of any other creature, is incapable of finding); scan rather, in so far as possible, the things about Him: for instance, His eternity, His immensity and infinity, His goodness and wisdom and power that makes governs, and judges His creatures. For among men he truly is a great theologian who searches out these reasons, be it ever so little.

💬 Maximus the Confessor, Four Centuries on Charity