Christopher Chelpka

Derek Webb’s new praise song is scary, painful, and heart-breaking

One of Jesus’ apostles, John, ends a letter he wrote with these words: “Little children, keep yourselves from idols.” John is an old man when he writes this. And he writes from experience and with tenderness. He knows the inevitable pain and the suffering that come when we give our lives over to anything other than the one, true God.

This morning I was reminded why John is both so tender and so serious in his charge as I listened to Derek Webb’s unnerving new praise song, “The Spirit Bears the Curse.” I don’t want to describe the song because it’s not what you think and you need to listen to it for yourself. But I will tell you that it broke my heart in ten different ways and it made me weep, especially in light of the painful unraveling of Derek’s marriage, faith, and life, and the unraveling we all—yes, all—experience whenever we trust in idols.

God help us. God help Derek.

 Here is the video.