Christopher Chelpka

How to Block Pornography On Your Android Phone

If you are looking for a way to block access to pornography on your Android smartphone, I’ve got a solution for you. Maybe you are a parent giving a child their first phone. Maybe you are an employer who is concerned about employee productivity, legal issues, security, and ethical behavior. Or maybe you are personally addicted to pornography and trying to make a change, but think that you still need to have a smartphone. Whatever your reason, there is an easy way you can screen out the porn and still have the benefits of a smartphone. A friend of mine came up with this solution for the Android phone he needed to have for work.

  1. Download AppLock and set a password. AppLock is free and allows you to decide which apps will be accessible to the user after a password (or fingerprint in Android 6.0+) is entered. If you are doing this for yourself, have a friend or family member set the password. This will allow you to get more access to your phone if you need it while keeping you farther from temptation when you don’t.
  2. Decide which programs are allowed after using a password. Block any apps that might possibly allow access to pornography. For example, keep the basics open—Goole Maps, texting, emails, phone calls, camera, a Bible app, Bluetooth, notepad, flashlight, alarm clock, bank app, weather, Google Translate, music player—but puts everything else is behind a wall. After everything is set-up, it is easy to keep in going because whenever you download a new app, AppLock helpfully asks whether or not it should be locked. Also, make sure to block GooglePlay itself so that settings and app changes can’t happen without a password. Similarly, the smartphone user should not have access to the associated Google+ account so that the smartphone settings can’t be changed from a computer.
  3. Install AutoStart and tell it to open AppLock on startup. Installing AutoStart is important because AppLock must be opened in order to work. This means that a simple restart can bypass your new security system. Autostarting AppLock, however, makes it impossible to bypass the password.
Have you found a better solution for keeping pornography off your Android? And what about Windows or iOS? Sharing your ideas might be helpful for others.

Photo Credit: Flickr