Christopher Chelpka

Offering a New Class: A Stronger Servant

I’ll be teaching a new class in August called A Stronger Servant. Initially, this was a leadership training class for future elders and deacons; it will still help train those men, but I think it has grown up into something more useful—a class for everyone to consider his or her multiple roles in church, family, and society, and how we might serve God in them.

For the class, I will assign readings from Scripture and from a book by Mark Strom called Lead with Wisdom: How Wisdom Transforms Good Leaders into Great Leaders. These readings will help guide class discussions, grounded in lived-experience, about the following questions:

  • Why do we think of Jesus as a master/leader but also as a servant/follower?
  • What are ways an individual serves Christ and how do those relate to the ways a church serves Christ together?
  • How do leaders follow?
  • How do followers lead?
  • What role does wisdom play in service?
  • What are the tasks of servant-leaders and servant-followers?
  • What are the arts of servant-leaders and servant-followers?

My prayer for the class is that the Holy Spirit will use A Stronger Servant to help grow our faith in the strongest and greatest servant, our King Jesus, and thereby deepen our commitment and increase our ability to serve him.

If you’re interested in the topic of leadership/followership, I intend to write more posts on this in the coming months and I hope you will follow and interact with them. Your thoughtful questions and comments will help me learn and improve the class even if you aren’t attending. I’d appreciate your help!

And if you are in Tucson and would like to attend, I’d love to have you there. Come to every class or just pop in from time to time. Your choice. The class is free and meets in the church at 1200 N. Santa Rosa Ave from 11:30am to 12:00pm on Sundays (except the last one of the month). We’ll start August 5, 2018 and meet at least through the end of the year.