Idelette was “the best companion of my life”, wrote John Calvin. Her biographers call her “a woman of some force and individuality”. As you might guess, their marriage makes quite a story.

Me and my sweets. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

“Hey, guys! I’m at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show for a few more days!”

If you love typography or the Bible or languages, you’re going to love Dodecaglotta. If you love all three, you better sit down before you click the link.

Is Capitalism Based on Greed?

Della hand-painted this for my mom. It’s a little creamer pitcher.

You’ve got to watch Dave Tull singing “Texting and Driving” while he plays the drums. If anyone can text and drive, it’s this guy. Just kidding. Don’t do it, Dave. But, if you like the song, there’s a better version on cdBaby.

Is there an easy way to pull all my posts off Facebook and add them to my blog without changing the post dates?

Here is my Sunday morning sermon on John 2:1-12, where Mary says, “Do whatever he tells you.” I include a long quote from Luther that I found in F. D. Bruner’s commentary on John. I rarely quote so much in sermons, but the quote is so good.

Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence - Imprimis

“I soon realized that in all my years as a journalist I had never seen a story where the gap between insider and outsider knowledge was so great, or the stakes so high.”