Sharing a meal is one of the best ways to help a friend. But what if you’re short on time? Adina Bailey has 6 great suggestions. And here’s a seventh: leftovers. Someone from church did this for us yesterday. And after a busy day with several sick kids at home, it was a big, yummy help.

Apple Reminders now auto-organizes grocery lists into shopping categories. It works great!

Many people could benefit from learning this list of helpful questions (organized by use type).

πŸ“· blog challenge | Day 20: disruption

On a date with Della when this little guy showed up.

a chipmunk crawls on a lunch table at a restaurant

πŸ“· blog challenge | Day 19: edge

A boutonniere made out of paper οΏΌ

πŸ“· blog challenge | Day 18: fabric

I got to try this 14’ quilting machine the other day. Amazing.

πŸ“· blog challenge | Day 17: intense

A large Tucson Police S.W.A.T. vehicle

πŸ“· blog challenge | Day 16: oof!

a cat sitting in an awkward position

Confused about legal immigration? Play the Green Card Game to learn more. See if you could become a permanent resident in the United States.

πŸ“· blog challenge | Day 15: red

For the past few years we’ve been going to the fair that occasionally pops up at the Tucson Outlets. It’s pretty fun!

A Ferris wheel οΏΌ

πŸ“· blog challenge | Day 14: statue

Someone figured out how to combine art, whimsy, and self storage. Someone should win an award.

A statue of a man carrying colorful boxes, some of which have fallen on the ground, next to a sign advertising β€œExtra Space Storage”

If it’s been a while since you’ve thought through the doctrine of baptism, I highly recommend Baptism by Guy M. Richard. It’s clearly written, uses biblical arguments, and covers all the major questions: meaning, mode, who should be baptized, etc. We have a copy in our church library. πŸ“š

πŸ“· blog challenge | Day 13: glowing

I couldn’t find a good picture for yesterday’s challenge: β€œpanic”. But I think this is a great one for today. I took the picture last year a few days after Christmas.

The glowing flame of a red candle.

πŸ“· blog challenge | Day 11: retrospect 🚲

Since Christmas I’ve been slowly turning a 1982 Univega Gran Turismo frame into a super fun everyday bike. It’s a love-project that comes from my grandpa to my dad to me.

Bicycle frame of a 1982 Univega Gran Turismo.

πŸ“· blog challenge | Day 10: cycle 🚲

Picture of a 2020 Giant Stance 2 mountain bike on the back of an SUV

The Belt of Truth and Problem of Identity

I’ve been thinking about the intersection of truthfulness and identity this week. Partly because I’m preparing a Sunday School lesson for tomorrow which includes the Belt of Truth from Ephesians 6, and partly because on Wednesday I got to hear my buddy John Besson give a sneak peak of his and his wife’s forthcoming book, Trading Faces. It’s all about the identities we cling to and live by. Ideas about truth and identity aligned for me when I found this thought-provoking article by Steve Rathje: Why People Ignore Facts: When it comes to reasoning, identity trumps truth.

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In Apple Maps you can get directions and travel estimates via different transportation modes, including bicycle.

In Apple Calendar you can set your travel time to an appointment based on location and transportation mode, but not including bicycle.

Why no bike? 🚲

a screenshot of Apple Calendar's travel time selection featurea screenshot of transportation modes in Apple Maps

πŸ“· blog challenge | Day 8: language

Body language and symbolic communication all on one hilarious door.

A bathroom sign of a man squeezing his knees together

πŸ“· blog challenge | Day 8: yonder

a view of water flowing from the dam at Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite National Park