Infinite Craft at is fun. My son showed it to me last night. He even made some never-seen-before creations. I tried to do that too, but couldn’t do it. However, I was pretty pleased with myself for creating Darth Sauron.

Remembering Peter Schickele and P. D. Q. Bach

Peter Schickele died this last January. I never knew him, but I learned a lot from him. Through his funny albums and radio show, perhaps the central lesson was a reminder of that there is real joy of not taking yourself too seriously while also honoring and enjoying classical music and other fine things in life. There are plans to re-release his radio show as a podcast. I hope that happens.

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Last week, ChatGPT went off the rails for a minute, but still…

the fact that the most popular AI tool in the world and arguably the primary reason we’re currently in the middle of an AI boom can suddenly go off the rails without warning is a great reminder that we can’t trust these tools blindly.

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Red Light Green Light, Sunset

  1. When analyzing Millennials, Gen Z, and other gens, we should be more cautious.
  2. I wasn’t able to make it, but the men at church discussed this article about worship at our most recent breakfast.
  3. Shane Lems on what to expect from Alan Strange’s new book, Empowered Witness.

I learned a new chess rule! You can’t pass through a check when castling. β™ŸοΈ

Is there an official recording of yesterday’s NBA All-Star game that I can watch? πŸ€

  1. Learning to predict better from the Samotsvety group.
  2. Austin Kleon shows how to make a zine from one sheet of paper.
  3. Eight ideas to get you through a temptation without cracking under the pressure and giving into sin.
Walking the dog

Wavelength has an Android app available now. They are polishing the app and asking for feedback. I hope they can get things working smoothly soon. Having access to both Apple and Android users makes Wavelength much more useful.

🌡 Notes about CTE Programs in Arizona

A few quick notes on public career and technical education (CTE) programs in Arizona.

πŸš‚ This is entry 3 of the blogtrain CTE.

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How to Get Started with CTE

Tips on how to pick a career and technical education (CTE) program while in high school and when to get started.

πŸš‚ This is entry 2 of the blogtrain CTE.

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Why Your High Schooler Should Enroll in CTE

One of the most underrated options for high schoolers is career and technical education (CTE).

πŸš‚ This is entry 1 of the blogtrain CTE.

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Selfie-portrait! πŸ€“πŸŽ¨ This was a fun change of pace this evening. I liked painting the blue so much I decided to put the cactus in the border instead of the background.

Self portrait watercolor painting of Christopher Chelpka

Promises Made in Time: Overview of Westminster Confession of Faith 7

πŸš‚ This is entry 4 of the blogtrain The Covenants of God.

The story of how God fulfills the Covenant of Redemption is found in Chapter 7 of the Westminster Confession of Faith. It’s an excellent summary. I’ll quote each section and make a few comments.

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  1. Fish and Ships: Zach Purvis takes us to sixteenth-century Brazil with French Reformed missionary Jean de LΓ©ry.
  2. How to prevent someone from stealing your iCloud account.
  3. What are we eating in ancient Roman Palestine?

Among liberals, there’s just way higher levels of anxiety. The only level of religious attendance where that abates is those liberals who attend religious services every week. Conservatives are just less mentally anxious, and that goes even lower when it comes to those who attend monthly or more.

Ryan Burge writes about this and other interesting stats in “Political Ideology, Religious Attendance And Mental Illness.

Mexican Gray Wolf laying in a stretch

A Mexican Gray Wolf looking comfy