I am the pastor of Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church. I started my ministry to Covenant in late 2010 after graduating from Westminster Seminary California. Covenant is a Reformed church in midtown Tucson and you are invited to join us for worship. See the wesbite for details. We are eager to help you know and follow Jesus.

In addition to my blog, I’ve written for New Horizons, The Gospel Coalition, and Anchor Today. I preach most Sundays and my sermons are distributed via our podcast Covenant Words.

I’m married and have five kids, which my wife and I raise on the northwest side of Tucson. In addition to our kids, we also have an art business and an emerging band.

Curious about this website? For analytics, I use GoatCounter and don’t track personal data. You can view the web stats yourself. I also try to follow the key principles of the IndieWeb community, and Micro.blog helps me do that. Register yourself on Micro.blog to follow me, comment, and share your own posts.

If you want to talk privately, you can also email me or schedule a meeting.

Christopher Chelpka @christopherchelpka