Hi, I’m Christopher Chelpka. I’m pastor of Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church. I live in Tucson with my wife Della. Together we have five children and not a small number of pets.

Before becoming a minister, I was a full-time musician. I got a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Northern Arizona University, played cello in various ensembles, taught music lessons, and occasionally helped friends record albums. One of them made the 2009 Grammy’s ballot for Best Pop Album.

I’m still love to make music, but in the late 2000s God called me to pastoral ministry. So I earned a Master of Divinity from Westminster Seminary California and then came to Tucson in 2011 to help organize a new church. Covenant was formally established in 2013 and I’ve continued to served as pastor since, looking for ways we can help plant more churches in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona.

You can listen to my sermons online or in your podcast app. I’ve written a little for New Horizons, The Gospel Coalition, Anchor Today, and Modern Reformation, but most of my writing is on this blog. Subscribe to get my latest posts in your email.

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