Were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Nineveh? Here’s some evidence.

The Nictone Theological Journal is finally back.

Read through the Shorter Catechidm tonight with 20+ others from church. I took small breaks along the way to answer questions and the Mrs. made some burritos for us to eat about halfway through. Fun evening.

Fred Sanders:

When you make a plan to kill a public person, the kind of public person who is animated by a powerful inner force, you’d better make sure to kill him… there’s that powerful inner force to deal with: what if, by killing him, you just let it out?

It’s Good Friday. I’m thinkinng about sympathy, empathy, and the cross.

Here’s Thomas Murphy’s plan for memorizing scripture in 15 minutes a day.

🎧 Listen to Billy Collins tell Alan Alda about writing poetry. He has great advice for creative work of all kinds.

C. B. Radio Store in Eloy, AZ.

We’re big fans of BRBC Family Camp at Covenant. Check out the new website I made for this year. Registration is now open!

picture of an arizona sunset

a values-based definition of minimalism

Caleb Miller on expressing uncertainty in the pulpit:

A consistent practice of avoidance, or refusal to admit concerns publicly, especially from the pulpit, gives the impression in the long run that doubt and uncertainty are things to be shamed and ignored, perhaps even feared, rather than patiently and pastorally addressed out in the open. If doubt itself becomes something to be feared, it becomes nearly impossible to tackle a problem authentically. On the other hand, a consistent practice of acknowledging any and all uncertainties, rehearsing each and every last unknown, especially from the pulpit, can lead to its own crippling disaster. If doubt is something idealized and venerated, a near-weekly occurrence and constant refrain demonstrating “authenticity,” telling our congregation so regularly that we actually nurse private doubts about the reliability of the biblical testimony, they will invariably begin to follow our lead. They will begin to lose confidence in the Scriptures, in us, or both.

Good observations. The core problem is that both of these approaches undermine the gospel. I look forward to reading more of his thoughts in forthcoming articles.

Apparently, Morning Doves have color matching skills.

Love this video of a couple #tucson burritos head home.

I’m sharing with you the best advice I’ve received on how to revise your writing. Check it out.

“If you see yourself as a ‘little sinner’ you will inevitably see Jesus as a ‘little Savior’.” — Martin Luther

candy canes from this year’s Winterhaven Festival of Lights #tucson

Finished reading: Is Hell For Real? by Erik Raymond. Short, sensitive, biblical, and clear. It is a perfect introduction to this sober topic. Thanks @erikraymond. 📚

Non-parent mentors matter. And the upcoming school break is a good time to invest in a teen you know. So send a text and schedule something today.

Currently reading and loving: Reformed Preaching by Joel Beeke 📚