Christopher Chelpka

An Easy Way to Type Ancient Greek and Hebrew on an iPad

I’m using an Apple Smart Keyboard with a 10.5” iPad Pro running iOS 12.1.

1. Connect a keyboard.

You can’t access Greek accents or Hebrew niqqud (vowels, dagesh, shwa, etc.), with the iOS touchscreen keyboard.

2. Add Greek and Hebrew keyboards.

Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard…

3. Change Greek to Greek - Polytonic and Hebrew to Hebrew-QWERTY.

Settings > General > Keyboard > Hardware Keyboards > Greek > Greek - Polytonic. Follow the same for Hebrew, but choose Hebrew - QWERTY.

4. Wherever you are typing, choose a font that contains Greek, Hebrew, and English letters.

Times New Roman is already installed and capable of this.

5. Switch keyboards—not fonts—using the global key on your keyboard.

Or use whatever switching command you’ve set up.

6. Learn to use the keyboards.

Especially learn the option+number keys for Hebrew niqqud and the option+punctuation keys for Greek accents.

Bonus Tips!

  • Under the keyboards menu (see Step 2), you can click “edit” and then drag the keyboards into your preferred order.
  • If you like, you can install other capable fonts. For example, Accordance has a font package you can install using the AnyFont app. And the font, Cardo, can be installed directly from