Christopher Chelpka

Your Blog Doesn’t Have to Be on Facebook or Twitter Anymore

About ten years ago, a lot of people started to abandon their own blogs and personal websites because it was so much easier to blog and microblog on other sites like Facebook and Twitter. But in the last year or so, two things have happened that are making many people want reclaim their own space on the web.

  1. We’ve learned a lot about the downsides of social media silos. Here’s just the most recent problem.
  2. Blogging is way easier than it once was, especially if you choose an almost frictionless option like I did by hosting my blog on My friend @Nathanrhale just opened up about why he’s considering it too. And there are other good options as well.

If you’re curious and would like to learn more, start by reading Manton Reece’s final post in his helpful series, 12 Days of Microblogging.