Lessons on Counseling, Marriage, Gender Roles, and More (Todd Bordow)

Todd Bordow is the pastor of Cornerstone OPC in Houston. He has degrees from Westminster Seminary California (M.Div.) and Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando (D.Min.). He blogs occasionaly at Kingdom Kompilations.

In the following episodes of the Glory-Cloud Podcast, Pastor Bordow talks wtih Chris Caughey about several challenging and controversial issues church leaders face, especially in conservative churches. Bordow is a careful exegete with a deep commitment to Scripture. He also speaks from years of experience and demonstrates genuine love for Christ and Christ’s flock.

So I’ve complied this mini-series here for easy reference. He begins with some thoughts about pastoral counseling in general.

154 – Critique of Nouthetic Counseling

155 - Counseling Continued

156 – Counseling Continued – The Elephant in the Room

157 – Counseling Cont’d – Narcissists & Manipulators

158 – Counseling Cont’d – Men & Women

159 – Counseling Cont’d – Men & Women II

160 – Women & Church Leadership

161 – Marriage

162 – Myths & Mistakes About Gender Roles

✿ Bonus article: Women in the Church by S. M. Baugh

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