How to Memorize Scripture in 15 Minutes a Day, Thomas Murphy

In Pastoral Theology: The Pastor in the Various Duties of His Office, Thomas Murphy shares a plan on how to memorize scripture. Here is a slightly paraphrased summary of the plan: Repeat a passage of scripture 15X/per day, reviewing the previous twenty-five passages 1X/day.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Get a blank book.
  2. Write down at least 25 scriptures passages with their verse references and number them. Choose passages of various lengths and topics.
  3. Repeat the first passage 15x/day for two weeks.
  4. Repeat the second passage 15x/day for two weeks and reviewing the first passage 1x/day.
  5. Continue the process with the third, reviewing all previous passages 1x/day. Continue this pattern.
  6. Once the first 25 are completed, write down another 25.
  7. From now on, drop the oldest passage every time you add a new one, so that each day you repeat a new passage 15X/per day and review the previous twenty-five passages 1X/day.
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