Because of the Arizona Tax Credit benefits, you can help us afford our kids' school tuition with no financial loss to you. Here’s how:

  1. Ask: How much do I typically owe on my Arizona State taxes?
  2. Donate that amount to ACSTO, recommending our family as scholarship recipients.
  3. Claim that donation on your taxes next year as a tax credit.

That’s it! To donate, just CLICK THIS CUSTOM LINK, then sign in.

Because the amount of your donation can be deducted from your taxes, there’s no financial loss for you, but it’s a big financial help for us. You can donate as little as $10 and make a difference.

FAQ 1: What if I under-donate? Then you’ll owe some on your taxes, but less.

FAQ 2: What if I over-donate? You can carry the credit over and reduce your taxes next year.

FAQ 3: What if I don’t have the money to donate right now? No problem. Instead of donating everything at once, spread things out by setting up easy monthly donations. This is a good option even if you do have the money to donate now because it keeps you from having to remember to take advantage of this next year.

I know this takes a little bit of your time, but please don’t let this benefit go unused. Click here to donate and recommend our kiddos for scholarships. Thanks!