🚂 This is entry 3 of the blogtrain The Covenants of God.

Think of all the names you have. Or all the names you call your pet. The covenants in the Bible have lots of nicknames too. The Covenant of Works, for example, is also called Covenant of Life, Covenant of Creation, and First Covenant.

Why so many names?

It’s because each name points out something different about the covenant. Just like your mom might call you “Sweetheart” because she thinks you’re sweet, or your coach might call you “The Executor” because he knows you can execute a play, we can use different names to highlight different aspects of a covenant.

Of course, having too many names can get confusing, especially if they have close meanings or sound the same. You know those parents who decide it’s cute to name their kids David, Daniel, Danielle, and Daniella? But whatcha gonna do? Sometimes these things are just too fun to pass up.

So, how do we avoid covenant name confusion? Simple: ask what part of the covenant does the name highlight?

For example, consider the different names for the Covenant of Works:

  • Covenant of Creation highlights the context of the covenant.
  • Covenant of Life highlights the reward of the covenant.
  • Adamic Covenant highlights the non-divine party of the covenant.
  • Covenant of Works highlights the means of reward of the covenant.
  • The First Covenant highlights its place in the order of covenants.

The various names can be confusing at first, but as you get to know the covenants better,it will get easier, especially if you are thinking about what’s behind the names.