Me and my sweets. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

“Hey, guys! I’m at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show for a few more days!”

Della hand-painted this for my mom. It’s a little creamer pitcher.

Taken just before the dentist said, “That’s one of the weirdest cavities I’ve ever seen.”

We’re mailing these to all the families in our church with young kids (ages 3–12). It’s a great book.

“No one is afraid to climb the heights, at least not if they have brave hearts and high courage. But the heart that is little from lack of love does not dare to undertake any great task, and does not venture to climb the heights.” (Margaret Porette)

No lack of love for Leo!

I learned a lot at the Paideia Center’s conference on the Trinity this week. Thanks to RTS in Orlando for hosting us. Here are some pictures I took of the campus.


A few feral chickens by the night blooming cereus.

A few feral chickens by the night blooming cereus.

I went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum with two of my kids and about forty other people from church. The raptor free flight was, as always, amazing. We got to see the first public flight of a red-tailed hawk. And these are some of pictures I took of a great horned owl.


With the new screens, the iPhone is almost a Klingon P.A.D.D. now. Should Apple go all the way?

iPhone XR with Star Trek Klingon PADD playing card

My son wants to know why K’Tesh is wearing the Roblox logo.

Twenty years later, I’m relearning this awesome game and playing it with my son. Wow, time flies.

I am determined to play the first movement of the a-minor Saint-Saëns cello concerto in tune and up to speed before the end of my vacation. Watch out! 🤨

marked-up sheet music

Leo is having a very cute Christmas.

Christmas Eve fondue!

Feel the fun.

Salt River Canyon

My dad’s beautiful handwriting.

Warning: this lost baby javelina might melt your heart.

Our Trip to Concho Valley OPC

This last weekend I took some of my kids to the White Mountains. We went to celebrate with the saints of Concho Valley Orthodox Presbyterian Church their becoming a new church within our presbytery.

In a passage I preached on during a special service, the Bible says, “Rejoice with those who rejoice.” It is one of the ways we use our bodies as Christians, especially within the body of Christ.

So we travel, shake hands, hug, and sing. We praise God together.


My daughter thinks, “He’ll have a short but good life.”

What non-dance items would you put in your dance bag?

Guess what I get to read? 😁

😋 Some Thanksgiving veggies, with marshmallows.

A Tucson sunset and moonrise at Christ the King Episcopal Church.