✍🏻 @Dellachelpkaart’s peaceful meditation on the 23rd Psalm, which I preached last night. “The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

Sketch of sheep by Della Chelpka

📷 Lots of barrel cactus.

Barrel cactus

🎨 Maybe a tenth of the whole mural at Olé Mexican Grill. Who painted this? It’s so fun.

🎨 Another beautiful sunset in Tucson.

🌴 I’ve seen prickly pear growing out of rain gutters before but never on the side of a palm tree.

Prickly pear growing on the side of a palm tree

Me and my sweetie. ❤️

😋 My son is harvesting our grapes today. Look at this juicy bunch!

bunch of grapes


⛺️ The first campground was full. The second had one old man camping in his van and a zillion frogs. Still, we pitched the tent, that is until @dellachelpkaart nearly stepped on a rattler. “Lot of them out here,” the old man told us. Our final campsite was a La Quinta. So comfy!


⏸ Let’s just stand here for a moment.