🍔 From an Arizona softball game a few weeks ago. I didn’t know you could do this with bread.

Black bean burger with U of A logo

📚 We have different reasons but Daisy loves books too.

cat sleeping on a book

🍸 Lift a glass to this beautiful olive tree. It’s about 65 years old. I wrote a little meditation on Psalm 128:3 with this tree in mind.

👋 Meet Watchman Wee. He was created by my dad, a meticulous craftsman who always keeps a bit of whimsy close by. I love that about my dad.

sculpture of a robot

🌱 Inspired by the Johnny Appleseed of hollyhocks, I now have a bag of seeds and am on a mission.


⍟ Spring flowers in the backyard.

Prickly Pear flowers

⍟ You think making pancakes is soooo easy. 🥴

Broken Panckaes

⍟ Beautiful California.

California beach

⍟ A family picture

⍟ My mother is so creative. And she puts tons of love into her work. Congrats, Mom, for finishing this amazing quilt!

colorful teddy bear quilt