checking Christmas lights

We haven’t gone full Winterhaven yet, but the new Christmas lights we got from Costco are working great, and we love all the decorations in our neighborhood.

Covenant Name Confusion

πŸš‚ This is entry 3 of the blogtrain The Covenants of God.

Think of all the names you have. Or all the names you call your pet. The covenants in the Bible have lots of nicknames too. The Covenant of Works, for example, is also called Covenant of Life, Covenant of Creation, and First Covenant.

Why so many names?

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Listening to Navidades: Luis Miguel. What a singer! If only the album cover had less cheese rizz. 🎡

The Covenant of Redemption

πŸš‚ This is entry 2 of the blogtrain The Covenants of God.

AKA: pactum salutis, foedus redemptionis

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Some Books on the History, Shape, and Reliability of the Bible

I enjoyed today’s book discussion on Scribes and Scriptures by John D. Meade and Peter J. Gurry. Scribes and Scriptures is an informative book that balances the material well and presents it a logical order.

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Some Books I'm Using for 1st Century Background

Through this December, I’m preaching a series called Jesus and His World. I’m focusing on some of the different groups in Jesus’ world that the gospels highlight and what implications this has for today.

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The Covenants of God: Introduction

πŸš‚ This is entry 1 of the blogtrain The Covenants of God.

What is a covenant? A covenant is a solemn promise that establishes a relationship.

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How Henry Kissinger Mentored Chris Christie on Foreign Policy

Chris Christie explains how of their sessions worked in his recent interview on The Dispatch Podcast.

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Goofy door face

Something that looks like a face on the inside of a car door

My wife found this crazy guy on the inside of our car door. Here are 3 other things I’d like to share.

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Do you pay Arizona State taxes? You can help our family BIG time.

Because of the Arizona Tax Credit benefits, you can help us afford our kids' school tuition with no financial loss to you. Here’s how:

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Is Bach the greatest achiever of all time? He’s certainly one of the most inspiring.

My daughter Clara and I had a blast yesterday making this Thanksgiving rap video!

Currently reading: Scribes and Scripture by John D. Meade and Peter J. Gurry. I’m doing this with some others. If you want to read and then join a lunchtime book discussion on December 7 from 12-1pm (MST), I can send you a link. πŸ“š

The annual Reformation Day Party was lots of pun.

Sandwiches with a heidelburgers signVarious reformation puns attached to foods

Who is Al Seinfeld? Can he still save the world?

picture of an articlepicture of an article

War Crimes, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity, ExplainedΒ  - Emma Rogers - The Dispatch

Understanding that these terms have specific legal definitions affects how we understand the conflict, how we draw comparisons to other tragedies, and what we expect from any future peace negotiation.

The new Eegee’s pretzel rueben sandwich is a winner.

Pretzel Rueben sandwich at Eegee’s

Wolfgang Musculus on the joy and fear of the Lord.

Note, how joy in God, and fear of God, are combined. By joy the sadness and anxiety of diffidence are excluded, but by fear, contempt and false security are banished. So Ps. ii, “Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.”